Introducing: The "Something Good For Ya" Podcast!


This podcast is dedicated to the good fuckers, and those who want to be good fuckers!

Alex Stiff and Captain Nunn of the rock band ‘The Fill Ins’ join forces in hopes to bring you a weekly dose of #SomethingGoodForYa by providing their take on the current state of music and the little things that makes life worth while. Something Good For Ya might be a movie, book, life experience, song, art; and the boys will filter through the bullshit to provide a weekly dose of concentrated greatness with special guests and tales of growing up in this music world. If you have something to share, throw the hashtag #SomethingGoodForYa on Instagram or Twitter and we’ll talk about it!

The show even has their own hotline number!

Call (513)-463-7439 and leave us a message; it can be a question, complaint, something good for us, anything!
We have fun on this show, so come join in the laughs!

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