Radio Meltdown Interview - Nov 6th 2016 (Audio)

On 11/6/16, Alex Stiff sat down with the good folks over at Radio Meltdown to discuss all things related to The Fill Ins!

If you weren’t around the Sunday, 6th November for the “Sunday Smorgasbord of Soundage” then what a treat you missed when myself, DJ`He||s_Be||e and DJ`Re interviewed Alex Stiff from the band The Fill Ins. Labeling themselves as good old Rock & Roll, as opposed to a more specific genre, he entertained us for the entire show, telling us about what they've been up to since the last time we caught up with them, the changes in the band's line up, and their plans for the future. Not only that, but I had the honor of debuting their brand new single, “Hit The Gas”, which will be available to purchase digitally from 18th November, 2016 on their website and all good media outlets.

Knowing how much our listeners like to catch up on what happened when they are unable to tune in, if you did miss the interview, then don’t despair! Just click here (or the playable link below) to listen right now or download and listen at your pleasure – I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!