Shutter 16 Review: 5th Time's The Charm (Kevin Robbins)


If you’re in the mood for an album to get you pumped up for your workout at the gym, or some music to keep your adrenaline going during the long day of yardwork – or any kind of work – then I have a treat for you. Local Charlotte rock ‘n’ rollers The Fill Ins are about to release a brand new album with 13 tracks that will make you feel like you just guzzled down a couple of cans of Monster. If you’ve ever seen these guys live before, then you already know what you’re in for; if you haven’t, then I highly recommend you go to their next show and pre-order this new album; you’ll thank me later.

Fifth Time’s the Charm is the newest album by The Fill Ins set to be released on July 3. This band will put a beating on your eardrums with their brash style of no-frills rock ‘n’ roll. With plenty of attitude and strong opinions, their music is frantic, in-your-face and not for those who are easily offended. If you’re looking for a new album similar to what you’ll hear on most “new rock” FM stations then keep on looking, but if you’re looking for for an album full of loud guitars, short, fast paced tunes, then look no further.

I also did a review on the group’s last album, Hipster Killers , and as good as that effort was – this go around is better. Like the title of the upcoming release suggests, this is the fifth album by the band and they are starting to transition from a punk sound to a more straightforward rock style.

The album starts off with an intro, something I am not usually a fan of, this is a rare exception. I have never heard an album start off with a warning of what you are about to hear. The guys in the band are actually giving all you people that get heated over subjects such as “loud guitars, political incorrectness and profanity” a heads up to stop the album before it “ruins your day.” The music on the album has a ton of down and dirty guitar riffs with tons of power and attitude, which was actually what I felt carried the tunes. Guitarist Mikey Black has been hard at work improving his technique and skills; the solos are lightning fast and mindblowing. Black’s work in “You’re the Victim,” and “Hot Summer Night” are perfect examples of this.

Vocalist Alex Stiff had plenty to say this time around as well. He has some choice words for those of you that take social media too seriously and fake people, as well as a few songs on the topic of sex, and of course a good ole’ rock ‘n’ roll style party. What really pleased me, though, was the improvement of the vocal melodies. There are much more melodies in the vocals than before, giving these tunes a more solid rock sound than the previous punk-dominant songs. The album, as a whole is really good, one that I will have on my iPhone for a long time to come, but tracks like the first single “Spit In My Face,” and “Morning After” really stood out to me.


Fans of old school rock ‘n’ roll will love this album. It has all the power and attitude the classics had, but still has little hints of the group’s punk rock roots mixed in. The drums will get your feet and hands pounding along, the guitars will cause some serious headbanging, and the lyrics are easy to connect with. The Fill Ins really did a great job on these 13 tracks, tons of hard work and energy went into recording this album. You can pre-order Fifth Time’s A Charm here , or check the band out at their release party on July 3 at Tremont Music Hall to get your copy.