Show Review: Chris Peigler Benifit Show

Chris Martin from gave us a review from the Chris Peigler Benifit Show (Night 2) from 2/7/14 

"As if that wasn’t enough, they’re followed by The Fill-In’s, a band that has quickly found its way to the top of my list of favorite bands to see live. Straight forward, high energy hard rock and roll with punk grit, you can’t not have a fun time watching these guys on stage. Bassist Cap was pulling double duty as he played his first show with No Power as their new bassist. Frontman/guitarist Alex Stiff has an amazing ability to wield such power over a crowd.  His asshole persona gets the crowd fired up and ready to get crazy. Mikey the guitarist even managed to overcome two guitars with broke strings (and an assist from Steve who was nice enough to loan him a guitar as well as string his own) and gave his all. Drummer Matt is a beast. Overall these guys get better and better, plus tonight’s set featured new songs that will be on their upcoming album. Their album, Hipster Killers, was in my Top 5 best of the year, if that tells you anything about how much I love these guys."