The Time Is Now - CD


The Time Is Now - CD



  • 1)     Sinner’s Choice
  • 2)     Lock and Load
  • 3)     It’s A Blast
  • 4)     Gold Digger
  • 5)     Feelin’ Good (Featuring Tony Leone on harmonica)
  • 6)     Hate
  • 7)     Saturday Night (2017 Remix)
  • 8)     Hit The Gas
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The Time Has Come, ladies and gentlemen!

Six brand new songs from The Fill Ins; recorded, mixed and mastered by Steve Coleman and The Fill Ins at Fithman Studios; released under Scatboy Records and No Profit Records in a slick digipack set.
Rounding off the new collection of songs is a brand new remix / remaster of the digital single “Saturday Night” and also included is our 7in vinyl single “Hit The Gas”; both tracks available on CD for the very first time!

THE TIME IS NOW really shows where The Fill Ins are headed and the sights they have set. Songs like “Lock and Load” and “Hate” carry on the Fill Ins tradition of kicking you square in the face with sonic power, even sliding over to the song “It’s A Blast” where musical power is worshiped and spoken of in a religious sense. On the track “Feelin’ Good”, we recruited our old friend and musical brother Tony Leone to lay down some saucy harmonica licks over this unique song for the band.