Never Heard of 'Em - Vinyl

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Never Heard of 'Em - Vinyl


NEVER HEARD OF ‘EM is the latest record from The Fill Ins, and released on HOBO WOLFMAN RECORDS. Pressed to random color swirl vinyl; each one will be unique and we won’t know what you get until you get it! This record features 7 brand new songs featuring guest vocals from Jeff Clayton of ANTISEEN on “Return To Sender”, and singer / songwriter Kelsey Ryan on “Thinkin’ About You”, in addition to 3 tracks from the “No Love Lost” cassette EP. Download card included!

  1. Dangerous

  2. Long Way To Go

  3. Dramatic

  4. Return To Sender

  5. Personally

  6. Thinkin’ About You

  7. No Love Lost*

  8. Drinkin’ Again*

  9. Save The Rock*

  10. Drown Your Blues

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