Important Message from THE FILL INS

Well folks.. it feels like we were here not long ago, but history just finds ways of repeating itself in weird ways.

This news isn’t very ‘new’ for us as this was something discussed in length as a group and have been working in the background to ensure there is very little downtime ... but have all collectively and respectfully decided that due to life issues, Adam has had to step down as the drummer of The Fill Ins.

The reason it’s different this time is because this is a decision none of us truly wanted at the end of the day, but with us being friends first and foremost, we truly understood the reasons and hold no bad blood on either side. Adam is still part of The Fill Ins family and we do have NEW recordings with him yet to be released (so keep a look out for that later on; now’s not the time to talk about that yet) ... and we just wanted to make that clear because some people tend to believe if a member has to leave a band is because something went wrong and that they hold bad feelings.. Sorry guys, can’t give you that drama this time.

But there IS something I can give ya.. we’ve already found our guy. His debut show will be 5/19 at Common Market as part of a HATE ENERGY sponsored event.. who is it you may ask? 

Posted by The Fill Ins on Tuesday, May 1, 2018

We’re nothing if not determined and we’ve got a lot to do this year, so we definitely need your support during this transition. We’re genuinely excited welcome Jared to the family and are looking forward to what the future holds!

Til’ then, save the rock!

-The Fill Ins